Thank you for opting to donate to Devaki warrier Center. 

Devaki Warrier Memorial Women's Studies & Empowerment Centre is a non profit organization which is running entirely with the generous help of kind hearted friends and well wishers. We need huge amount of money to run the two Institutions, Sradha and Trida visram sanketh and with your help our task would be easier. 

When you have any special occasions like marriage, birthday , anniversary etc please do think of the patients in the Center.

Please send your donations by
MO/DD/Cheque in favour of Devaki Warrier Memorial,

A/c No 57000699425,
State bank of Travancore,Secretariat View Branch,
South India.
Donations are exempted from tax under 48, 80 G of IT Act 1961.

Please remember even small donations from you can help the cancer patients a lot.