Regional Cancer Center at Trivandrum is the only comprehensive cancer care institution catering the population of Kerala and adjoining parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Hundreds of patients come to TVM each day from far away villages and small towns from Kerala and other states. Though they get state of the art medical care from RCC the patients and their caregivers have no place to stay in Trivandrum. The patients often have to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. They need a clean, comfortable place to live. They are forced to buy food from nearby hotels which are expensive and not cooked hygienically. Many of the patients are little children, old people and women. In the strange capital city they do not have friends, relatives or someone who takes care of their needs. Most of them are from financially and socially backward classes. The disease shatters the financial base of these families. This pushes them into an emotional trauma.

“ Sradha “is the home away from home which we provide for these helpless patients and caregivers. Our volunteers give them care , support,self confidence and courage to face Cancer. Patients and their bystanders can live in Sradha free of cost until their treatment is over. We also provide nutritious homely food freely. They are also allowed to cook in the community kitchen according to their tastes and likes. Devaki Warrier Trust organizes many cultural programmes and trainings which can be benefitted by the patients who are staying at the center. 

This facility has now been extended to a four storied building TRIDA Visram Sanketh opposite Medical College where 70 patients can be accommodated. We also provide Ambulance service to take the patients to hospital .

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